About Us

The soft wind. The warmth. The cheers, smiles and tears. Putting on the ring for her on bended knees. The most important decision of one’s life. If you could only choose one memory to spend an eternity with, would you choose this moment?


HelpYouMarry is a professional marriage proposal planner and imaging company, the first of its kind in Singapore. Marriage is a sacred deed and we believe every moment of the course should be an indelible page parked down memory lane.

With experience from over 60 proposals each uniquely tailored to the couple, we strive to assist you to develop your own idea, execute the plan and to capture the process to create your perfect proposal. With our team of proposal architects, we treat each proposal as our fruit of labour and we go the extra mile to ensure it will be special, sincere and symbolic.

At HelpYouMarry, we work with you every step of the way to make it a truly memorable and touching experience for you and your loved one.

Contact us now. Your loved one deserves the best.

Lots of love,