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Clement and Fay

Clement and Fay met in 2008 while they were both taking the bar course. They were “set up” by a mutual friend and after being introduced, bonded over their common love for sports and music. Falling in love was a gradual process for the couple but fall in love they certainly did over the course of […]

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Jen and Kim

The original couple that started it all 4 years ago! 31st Dec 2011 marks a special day for Jen and Kim. Jen had chosen this day to propose to his girlfriend of 7 years, making 2012 a brand new start for the both of them. The whole proposal was built to be a literal walk […]

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Nigel & Sherhan

Set in a 2-storey colonial-era mansion, Nigel wanted his proposal to Sherhan to be a truly transformative one. Sherhan was brought to the mansion thinking that it was a friend’s gathering. In actual fact, the mansion was fully decorated with their significant photos and items from their journey together. As she opened the door to […]

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