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“The Proposal”

It’s our best kept secret of 2014. HelpYouMarry is honoured to be the resident Proposal Planner for Mediacorp Channel 5’s “The Proposal”! It is a 10-episode series featuring 10 very unique, inspiring marriage proposals by 10 different individuals. On the show as a permanent guest consultant is Minghui, one of our Proposal Architects! Be sure to […]

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Adrian & Veron

Besides being part of wedding proposals, we were blessed to be also invited by couples to be part of their actual-day wedding entourage. We did Adrian and Veron’s wedding a few months back. We were so awed by the gung-ho-ness of Adrian’s brothers. They really “fought” hard for Adrian to overcome various obstacles from the […]

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Jen & Khim

They were together for 7 years. He says: “She has always been there through my hard times and good times. I want to give her the best proposal that she can ever remember.” With 3-weeks of planning and conceptualizing, he transformed their 7 years of love into a walk down memory lane. With a ring […]

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