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Clement and Fay

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Clement and Fay met in 2008 while they were both taking the bar course. They were “set up” by a mutual friend and after being introduced, bonded over their common love for sports and music. Falling in love was a gradual process for the couple but fall in love they certainly did over the course of their five year relationship.

Fay’s response to Clement’s romantic proposal?

“The proposal was a complete surprise! I always thought that it would be a small and private affair as Clement is rather shy. So for him to have planned such an elaborate affair to express his love for me was a very pleasant surprise. I was awe struck by the sheer beauty of the set-up and very touched by the little details that I never thought he remembered about our early dating years. To be honest, the proposal was a bit of a blur because I was just so shocked. I couldn’t quite sleep that night and even the night after as I just kept replaying the entire event in my head!” ~ Fay

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