Who Are We?

We are the first company in Singapore that specializes in marriage proposal planning. You might have heard of wedding planners but we call ourselves the Proposal Planners. Our passion in creating the perfect surprise and perfect moment has driven us to set up this service to offer our creative minds and resources to guys out there who want to take that extra step to giving their loved one a memorable proposal experience.

To create a ‘perfect proposal’, we base it on our 5 'S' Model created from all our experiences working on previous proposal cases.  – “Sincerity, Surprise, Secrecy, Symbolism and Saved Memories”.

Many guys may have gotten the sincerity and surprise factors covered but in order to make it complete, we would have to add the element of symbolism. Adding key elements of your relationship to inject that tinge of significance to the entire proposal, rekindling the special memories from the first time you met or your funniest moments together. Every little thing adds up to creating the perfect proposal that touches a girl's heart and to show them that you truly love and treasure her.

In addition, we have our in-house production team that takes care of all the photos and video shoots for every proposal case. Every photographer, videographer and planner works together to ensure that each component is covered comprehensively, ensuring that photos and videos are taken without the girl really knowing that she is being filmed.

Is a marriage proposal that big of a deal?

To a woman, this is a day that they have been fantasizing and waiting for their entire life. It's the start of a journey where both of you declare your commitment to stay by each other for a life time ahead. Many wonder why all the fuss for just a proposal, the wedding is probably a bigger deal.

At HelpYouMarry, we believe that a proposal is the most real and natural expression of one's love for his partner. Nothing else comes close to the elation and surprise written on a girl's face when they are faced with a truly memorable proposal.

Ok, sounds cool. So, how do you customize my marriage proposal?

It's a simple process. We start from knowing more about you and your relationship stories. From there, we create the perfect plan for you. With that, the preparation work begins. We run the back end work while checking back with you constantly about key decisions on the proposal set up. It all comes together on the actual proposal day itself where all coordination work is taken care of on the ground along with the full photo and video production taking place.

The key to creating your personalized marriage proposal boils down to the details of your relationship stories. By digging into the 'archives' of your relationship, we encourage guys to recall all those special moments that meant something to your beloved. Every detail recalled is a potential element that can be used for your proposal, creating something that is truly unique to both of you and no one else.

Why hire a proposal planner when there are free ideas on the internet?

There are indeed many examples of proposals on the web and that's where you might want to start the whole proposal journey with. Many guys start off by checking out proposal videos on youtube and reading about other couple's proposals. However, as it is, they are still "other couple's" proposal.

Other than looking on the web for ideas, we strongly encourage every guy to start your own 'memories recalling' process at the same time. In fact, it is actually easier to create that perfect proposal plan by looking back at the key moments that mean something to both of you and from there, customize an idea around it. A themed proposal revolving around something truly significant to both of you beats any flashy proposal you find on the internet.

And of course, on top of simply getting ideas, HelpYouMarry's existence is to oversee the entire process flow for you, taking care of the back end work and ensuring that every part of the whole operation runs smoothly from the preparation stage to the actual day itself.

Is my girlfriend going to think that I didn’t put in effort myself?

There is a saying that guys who don't even want to put in the effort, won't even bother. A proposal is a big event for a couple and it's very rarely done alone. In typical situations, guys will also get help from friends and family to achieve this mammoth task.

For HelpYouMarry, we approach every guy just like a friend or family member. The only difference is that we probably have slightly more experience than your friends and we most likely have more time than they do in helping you to make all the arrangements and organize everything perfectly.

However, we do emphasize that every guy participate in the idea forming process. By following our thought process, guys will typically be able to come up with the 'seed' of the idea. From this seed of an idea, we will then help you build on that by looking at the more technical aspects of the plan and finally add on the special touch to make it extra memorable.

By going the extra mile with us, you have already put in more effort than what many others would.


Why spend so much on a proposal when I just splurged on a ring?

A ring symbolises love and commitment to each other for eternity. A proposal story symbolises the depth of love and sincerity you have for each other.  The ring merely forms the tip of the ice berg while the bulk of the foundation begins from one's true feelings and actions for your loved one.

The effort, time and money spent on creating the most meaningful and memorable experience goes a long way in the building of a couple's life together. As we always say, a diamond ring can always be upgraded but a proposal story can only be created once.

Ok! I’m ready! Last question, what are your charges like?

We provide different services for each customer's needs. From idea brainstorming to generating a blue print for your idea to photos and videos, it's safe to say that we do all things Proposal! Prices are therefore also dependent on the type of proposal you want to achieve.

Email us at contact@helpyoumarry.com Looking forward to hearing from you!