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Kian Boon & Sin En

Proposal Video

“Hi, A/S/L?”

Do you still remember this? If you can, you were from an awesome era!

Was that how you became ‘stead’ with your Special One? Over MIRC or ICQ? What were your favourite activities during those years?

Did you often take long bus rides on cool, breezy nights with your special one, with no destination in mind? With his/her hand in yours, wishing that those happy, carefree days would never end?

For Kian Boon and his Special One, Sin En, those were just a few of the sweet and special memories they shared. It is an epic romance spanning 12 years before they decided to tie the knot. On this significant moment, Kian Boon decided to let Sin En literally re-live the sweet memories of those years before popping the BIG question!

Have we piqued your interest yet? MIRC? Bus Rides?

Watch our proposal video to find out how HYM and Kian Boon carried out the ‘Love Bus’ proposal spanning 3 different locations!