Light of love – M & Y Proposal

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Date: 14th February 2013

Location: Custom House

M & Y are two Koreans who travelled the world but found each other, right here in SG. Sweet M wanted to propose to Y in an unforgettable manner! He wanted something surprising yet subtle, something that would let her find out about the proposal herself!

On Valentine’s Day, he picked her up near Customs House. Saying that he wanted to see the scenery of the Marina Bay area, he brought her to an area right by the sea. A group of people were lighting sparklers nearby, with a camera positioned to photograph them. One of the group members went up to her and asked if she could help take photos for their project. She agreed.

As she pressed the shutter, the group of people smiled and started to wave their sparklers in big sweeping movements. She reviewed the photo. The LCD screen showed “Will you”. ‘Is this correct?’ she asked, while M watched silently beside. The group leader said yes, we would need to take 2 more photos, is that okay?

And so they went, waving the sparklers in big sweeping motions, painting invisible words that the camera was slowing but surely capturing. It read “Marry Me”.

She frozed. Could it this be it? She caught a nervous sideward glance towards M, who was preoccupied with the scenery and oblivious to what was showing on the camera. But there was no sign! And I didn’t know these strangers.

The group leader signalled that it was the last photo. At the end of the 3 seconds needed for the camera, she saw it. These strangers had just painted her name with light from the sparklers!

“Will you marry me, Y?”

“Oppa!” she exclaimed, delighted with joy. She certainly didn’t expect this surprise. With the beautiful Bay area in the background, he went on one bended knee and popped the big question of his life :)

Lots of Love,

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