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Nigel & Sherhan

Proposal Video

Set in a 2-storey colonial-era mansion, Nigel wanted his proposal to Sherhan to be a truly transformative one. Sherhan was brought to the mansion thinking that it was a friend’s gathering. In actual fact, the mansion was fully decorated with their significant photos and items from their journey together.

As she opened the door to the mansion, a stunning 4metre by 2metre backdrop with a collage of all their photos first greeted her. And she would subsequently find all their significant items that were quietly spirited away from her home without her knowing. Lovely cues were there to guide her along the way, while the merry group of friends while doing their best to control their excitement at their hiding place.

Walking through the final door on the second storey, a wide space greeted her. It was just like a living room, filled with sofa, coffee tables and a projected screen. The make-up artist invited her to take a seat on the sofa and started to doll up an excited but slightly puzzled Sherhan. At the same time, the projector started screening video messages from the couple’s friends all over the world. She couldn’t help tearing up. While she was undergoing her transformation with dress and heels (specially bought by Nigel) waiting for her, the main hall was also rapidly transformed with flowers decoration and a special ‘walkway’ for her.

As she opened the door to the main hall, she gasped at both the transformed place and also the two rows of friends who cheered for her excitedly. And Nigel, standing at the end of the path, beckoned to her sweetly…