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Ever wondered how an idea becomes one that truly touches the girl and makes her cry? The secret is all in the finer details. Over at HelpYouMarry, we use our experience gathered from overseeing many beautiful proposals to help you develop your idea into something that will be truly memorable.
Given the busy work schedule that many people have nowadays, it is hard to find the time to take care of all the essential back end operations for a proposal like sourcing for venues, props, flowers, etc. HelpYouMarry helps you handle the planning, liaising and coordination right through till the very moment she says ‘I do’ on the final day!
A beautiful smile, a tear dropping moment, an unexpected hug, all these are memories created in a single instant. A photo captures these split second moments and forever gets saved in your life long photo album of memories.
All the preparation, all the sweet words and confessions, it’s hard to imagine not capturing down all these in motion for keepsake. Something that both of you can watch and share with all your love ones, the true love story movie of your most important moment in life.


Ala Carte: Proposal Photography camera

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” – Karl Lagerfeld

A marriage proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime event filled with many natural blissful and touching moments. Every photo is a snapshot of the emotions and expressions right at that very moment. Every photo helps you tell a story of the feelings rushing through you at each step of the way.

Our specially trained professional photographers will help you capture these amazing moments in the most discreet and professional manner.

Our photography service includes:

  • HelpYouMarry’s very own Before/During/After shooting style capturing all moments from preparation to post proposal
  • Strict color correction and editing for all photos
  • Photo printing options are also available upon request

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Ala Carte: Proposal Videographyfilm camera

A proposal story isn’t complete without a moving picture of the entire process from start till end. The magic of video is that it captures the sights, sounds and emotions of the beautiful flow of events and combines it seamlessly with the right choice of music to give you a full picture of your very own proposal story.

Shooting proposal videos require a unique skill set akin to one of an undercover.

Our photography service includes:

  • HelpYouMarry’s very own Before/During/After shooting style capturing all moments from preparation to post proposal
  • Use of hidden cameras to capture different angles and prevent being spotted
  • Professional wireless mic placement for you to capture all your heartfelt words clearly

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Wedding Related Services: wedding



Preparing to tie the knot but preparations are getting a little too overwhelming to handle or are you looking for that something different from a typical wedding out there? We are here to help you take care of wedding plans each step of the way from the florist to the dinner reception to your invites, bridal gowns etc. 


The HelpYouMarry imaging team brings our unique proposal shooting style to our wedding day shoots. Other than capturing the customary shots of a wedding procession, we like to focus on natural human expressions and interactions, something that is deeply ingrained in our ethos when it comes to capturing memories.

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