Singapore’s First Ever Love Train Proposal – Raymond and Jia Hui

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Date: 14th Feb 2013

Location: Asiaroom’s Love Train North East Line (Singapore MRT)

It is certainly heartwarming for us to be writing this now. We have known Raymond for more than 10 years, and watching him propose to the love his life, well, what more can we say? It reminds us exactly of why we love doing marriage proposals! :)
Raymond and Jia Hui got to know each other through their days in NUS Geyao. She is perfect for him. They have a very sweet romance, as many of us who know him will know. He did many sweet things for her, which we still remember.

Before the actual day, we had our usual secret meetings and communication. Raymond changed my name from “Jennifer” to “Justin Quek” on his contact list to avoid suspicion from Jia Hui (My partner thus calls me “Justin” now). Being a true-blue professional engineer, he even synced his incoming emails to a private hard drive so as not to leave any traces of communication.

They had so many little stories to share and he wanted to relive it with her during their proposal. So we thought, why not create these stories out for them. We had so many ideas! From the wild idea of creating a private-garden photo memory lane (yes! in the train) for them, to our final concept, a series of illustrations depicting their little stories leading to the BIG question.

We can still remember clearly the “panic attacks” that 90% of our guys will suffer on the day before their proposal. There was a single, decorated Love Train plying between terminal Harborfront and Punggol, Thus, they had to board the train at an exact timing and exact door at the station of their proposal. We constantly (and secretly) coordinated with them on their location and the correct train door and time. Everything had to be that precise!

What about her? How did she feel? She thought it was a normal Valentine’s Day outing. Meeting Raymond, taking the train to their destination to start off their romantic date. Upon boarding, they were lucky to get a seat when two strangers took off. Or is it? Once seated, three unfamiliar ladies opposite started flashing huge cartoon drawings in coordinated fashion.

“What is this?” came the inevitable thought. Two other strangers started to strum their guitars and sang love songs. As the ladies continued flashing other drawings, it dawned upon her. This is my story! Raymond and my love story! She was utterly surprised. Never did she expect such an elaborate effort to be waiting for her there, right in a MRT cabin where people usually played with their phones, napped, or read books.

Upon the last card, everything became clear. This is his marriage proposal to me! With a ring in hand, Raymond knelt down and asked the most important question of his life.

Lots of Love,

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