Testimonial from Swee Lee Tong

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Dear HelpYouMarry team,

We would really want to say a big thank you to the team. Thank you for the wonderful proposal and memories that you have created for me and my partner. The team made everything a success. Proposal is once in a lifetime and special for every girl. The team made my planning a stress- free. They give suggestion and willing to assist me in trials in order to create a successful event. Nevertheless, the team comes up with a planning schedule in order to coordinate the event and assist me in getting the family members to arrive on time. The team brainstorm of ideas and sharing on whether it works or not from a professional views. Most importantly the proposal was not just a copy from other proposal. The team made it unique. Especially when my partner is such a big fans for the team's proposal ideas and videos. I will never want her to feel like the proposal was a copy from anywhere.

HYM created the right atmosphere and feeling for me to go down my knee and for my partner to say yes without hesitation. Derica and team were prompt in transforming the area and getting ready for the proposal. With the music and bubbles to create the environment is just the element that she will say YES!

Minghui and team capture wonderful moments that we could have miss while busy with the preparation. The video summaries the whole event and leave us fond memories about that special night. The background music and the video just goes hand in hand. Most importantly every time we watch the video it makes us relive the day! 

Thank you HYM and team!

Love Leetong and kaixin

Swee Lee Tong

Testimonial from Wee Wei Jie


"I felt pampered by the overall services which HYM provided. from the initial meetup at Marina Bay Financial Centre till the final at Vivo City. The team never fail to change ideas in order to fit my budget, especially Jennifer who make sure that the Rilakumma costume was reach within reach. Derica who helped me with little details and wearing the costume, hard on you Derica. Hope you can read it. Also , thanks to Ming Hui who go the extra mile to make that that certain angle during my proposal is covered.

Both Lijuan and I are very appreciative of the efforts. Continue to create many more exciting proposals!

All the best to HYM Team."

Wee Wei Jie

Testimonial from Sky

Testimonial for HelpYouMarry,

I was a bit worried as the time coming nearer but my worries were totally unfounded. I went on to Google for proposal ideas and there were several websites and forums giving out the idea of how a “general” proposal would be like such as putting the ring the champagne glass and proposal in a restaurant. However, I would like to do something more memorable for my partner. I come across this website who is a proposal planner. I was a bit of skeptical at the beginning as cost is one of the factors. However, looking through their website, it looks really pleasant and no harm trying. I gave it a try to contact them. The response was fast and friendly. They asked for a meeting over a coffee so they can brief me more about what they do and how can we proceed from there. They will make effort to fit into their customer’s busy schedule for a meet up. Then they will ask a set of questions which they prepare themselves to understand their customer’s needs to come out with an idea of the proposal. Everything they do is to fit into their customer demands and time. Initially I thought the idea was simple and nothing much. Nevertheless, it really astonishes me during the day itself. The team setup was so marvelous to the extent to those minor decorations they made it perfect. They keep me updated of their preparations and ensure the proposal is a surprise to my partner. The crew really put effort into the whole setup including minor details. Kudos to Derica and HelpYouMarry team!

Thank you!

A happy and satisfied customer, Sky