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Tiffany & Alvin - Proposal


Have you ever felt really excited going into a theatre play held at a well-known location? On a theme of travel that you really wanted to do in real life? A play complete with ‘air stewardess’ ushers, a giant model aeroplane, and your very own ‘boarding pass’ ticket?

What about one that was disguised as a marriage proposal?

That was exactly what Alvin did for Tiffany, onboard ‘Air Alvin’ at Play Den, The Arts House! The entire set-up was intricately designed to be as real as it gets. Think a website describing the play “Around the world in 80 barks”, ticketing booth, show brochures and tickets designed to look like boarding passes. The entire stage was also decorated with hanging paper aeroplanes, complete with a giant model aeroplane right at the centre.

How did the show unfold? How did he propose? Curious? Have a sneak peek at what happened during the proposal, as the sweet couple’s wedding day pulls near!

Stay tuned for the HYM video on the exciting proposal! P.S. Anyone knows what story “Around the world in 80 barks” is about? Take a guess!