“Top of the world” Proposal – Shin and Kim


Date: 28th June 2012
Venue: Ku De Ta, Marina Bay Sands Singapore

It was love at first sight. 2 Koreans left their home to work in Singapore for many years. Little did they know, they would find each other through a friend’s gathering. 2 months later, it’s wedding bells for them!

No time were wasted to arrange rings, honeymoon and gowns. What was troubling Shin was his proposal. Although a foregone yes, he still wanted to give her a very memorable proposal!

Shin came to us with a rough plan in mind. He wanted to propose to his love over the landscape of Singapore. However, their short relationship in Singapore meant limited shared memories of good locations.

He also wanted to tell her how much she meant to him. However, he had no good way to profess his heartfelt love. A letter? Speech? He wanted it to be really special and surprising!

Thus, the HelpYouMarry team came up with a plan for Shin to write out a heartfelt letter for his beloved. He had so much to tell her, literally! We headed off to Mount Faber to shoot a Korean-drama inspired video. The video captured the whole letter writing process into a sweet and touching memory. As for the proposal location, his idea was to have it at a restaurant that is tall and overlooks the cityscape of Singapore.

On the 28th of June 2012, Shin popped the big question and proposed to his girlfriend atop the Marina Bay Sands hotel. Coincidentally, his girlfriend has requested him to book a staycation for themselves at MBS.

1100 am: Before they checked in, we met up with Shin discreetly to get his suit for his proposal.

1600 pm: An hour before they arrive at the restaurant, our team was already there, decorating and preparing the venue for the proposal. The cameras were also planned and deployed according to the plan and restrictions from the restaurant to get the best angles.

1715 pm: They arrived! Hui (Shin’s bride-to-be) was led to their table where Shin’s love message was placed as a sweet surprise. Shin excused himself beforehand to secretly change into his suit while Hui watched the video clip. As Hui watched the video, her tears rolled down her cheeks as the words slowly seeped into her mind and heart.

Shin then appeared from behind, with the cool dusk breeze blowing and the sky view beckoning. He popped the question. Her sweet reply… “Oppa, I love you!”


Lots of Love,

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